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Turn-Key services

FDA Construction provides turnkey design/build services as an alternative to conventional construction management. For certain projects, it can be the simplest and most economical method of taking a project through to completion.

What FDA Construction can do for you

We offer expert office renovation, office building, office design, office space planning, office interior design and similar services. We can provide access to an extensive network and relevant resources including appropriate engineers, architects, designers, project managers, foremen and contractors in order to deliver exceptional quality of work to our clients.

Choose FDA means:

Giving full responsability to a single company

Having the entire responsability of the engineering, design and construction and being committed to a fixed price basis, is our guarantee that the client objectives and ours are one and the same.


FDA Construction, as a general constractor

We work closely with the client owner to establish the scope of work and budget for the project. From there, FDA Construction assigns the key sub-contractors through each phase of the project but retains overall responsibility and accountability for the project.


Adaptability to the project complexity

FDA Construction design-build services may include all project administration, design and engineering services, all subcontracting, complete project management, all construction management and quality control, and all logistics associated with a project.


Construction project management

Solid planning and project management is at the foundation of all successful construction projects. It involves every trade that will work on your project and maps every phase of your project from architecture, obtaining permits, tasking each trades group, and regular quality inspections and remediation.