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Project management

Solid planning and project management is at the foundation of all successful construction projects. It involves every trade that will work on your project and maps every phase of your project from architecture, obtaining permits, tasking each trades group, and regular quality inspections and remediation.

FDA’s construction management expertise includes:

FDA's advantage

Relationship management between all the stakeholders

In all our projects, we excel in managing the relationship between ourselves, project owner and the project architect. From the beginning of a project, all the way through to post warranty period, we have your back. Our side-by-side management approach ensures your complete satisfaction.


Two characteristics differentiate us

There are two characteristics that make FDA Construction a good choice in the planning and project management of your next project – experience and ‘sweating the details.

Experience allows us the benefit of knowing what has to be planned and managed “tight” and what details simply cannot be overlooked. We worry about these things so you don’t have to..


You know your project has been planned and managed correctly because it means

• Your permits will be approved easily by municipal or provincial authorities.
• Architectural drawings are complete before and after the project.
• The project is well-organized and there is minimal confusion.
• Interior renovations are done without disrupting your or your tenant’s operations.
• Your deadlines and budget have been met.


Renovation and Retail build outs services

FDA offers complete renovation project management services for retail stores, offices, shopping malls, plaza shopping centres, and franchises. We manage the entire planning, scope, budget, and execution of the renovation or remodeling project.