Example Portfolio

Cypra Media Inc.

Montreal, QC

This Internet marketing company wanted a new office space. What made the project challenging were two things - they required a highly "wired" environment to support their various networks, and they had an extremely short timetable. FDA Construction met both requirements within the budget and turned over the finished offices on-time.

Lufa Farms - Greenhouse #1

Montreal, QC

The first Lufa Farms greenhouse was a project like no other - the first in the world. Building a 31,000 square foot greenhouse on top of an existing office building was a challenging construction planning task for FDA. It required a consensus from City Engineers, Dutch suppliers, the FDA construction teams, and each Quebec contractor and trades group on the project -- all had to come together on-time and on-budget. They did.  The project has been featured on The Nature of Things with David Suzuki and in business press throughout the world.

Lufa Farms - Greenhouse #2

Laval, QC

The next Lufa Farms greenhouse was no less ambitious. A larger greenhouse, it was also had many unique requirements that made it the most hi-tech greenhouse in the entire world (as of 2013). The project had to be research thoroughly by FDAC first to find a suitable positive-pressure technology and then coordinated with the developer/builder of the office below. Nonetheless, the construction - all-in - was completed on-time and on-budget.

Java U - Pierre Trudeau Airport (Renovation)

Dorval, QC

The 7 days given to complete this project would have been impossible to a lesser construction team - let alone the tight airport requirements, security and being in the middle of a high traffic concourse.  Job done: on-time and on-budget.

Java U - Downtown

Montreal, QC

Time is money and the faster this Java U could be designed, built, and opened, the quicker the payback for the franchise owner. Previous experience with FDA, however, gave them confident wholesale that it could be done. FDA planned it carefully and executed flawless. t opened its doors in record time.

Java U - Côte-des-Neiges

Montreal, QC

This Java U was a turnkey project of approximately 1600 square fee. In this case the deadline was to be ready to operating, with open doors in 40-short days. FDA Construction beat the deadline - on budget.

Java U - Pierre Trudeau Airport (New)

Dorval, QC

The Java U franchisee had an impossible deadline, exacting requirements, and needed a turnkey construction solution. To make matters worse, the job had to be performed at the airport, off hours, and with exacting security obligations. Nonetheless, FDA completed the project, on-time, on budget, ready to serve terminal passengers.  FDA's performance on this project resulted in both other Jave U projects and other airport projects.

U Bar - Pierre Trudeau Airport

Dorval, QC

The concept for this upscale restaurant and bar to be located in the Internation terminal of the airport was complicated. In addition to its ultramodern design, it featured a complicated multi-coloured lighting and sound configuration embedded throughout the millwork and fixtures. As much as any other issue, the facility was packed in a tight space with no utility connectdions. The client knew FDA could do the job because he had witnessed FDA's performance on another project in the airport. FDA didn't disappoint.