Construction Portfolio

FDA Construction has been engaged in a variety of different projects throughout the greater Montreal area. A few examples, as shown below, illustrate the diverse requirements FDA has performed. See all...


Lufa Farms – Montreal, QC

This multi-million dollar rooftop commercial greenhouse was a challenge from the very beginning. FDA was required to develop unique engineering approaches to the construction of this specialized facility and to do so with minimum impact on the roof and tenants below.  FDA was chosen for a second facility in Laval, as well. 


Java U – Montreal, QC

FDA has provided build-outs for several Java U franchises including some at the Pierre Trudeau Airport. All were executed flawlessly and on-time even with the unusually stringent airport security requirements.


Cypra Media – Montreal, QC

At face value, this was a typical office renovation project. Except that it was a electronic nightmare and it was required to be complete in record short time. FDA completed the task on-time, on-budget.

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